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At home with the Bennet's

Welcome to the web site for Jamie, Lesley, Charlie, Emma and Tommy Bennet
It is about our family - The Bennet Family
The family is Jamie (me) Lesley (my wife) and our children
Charlie, Emma and Tommy.
It is about who we are and is updated regularly.
We will include many recent events and also plans for the future.

Lesley and I have been married since 1992
Charlie is 9 years old, go to his own page to see more.
Emma is 8 years old, she has her own page as well.
Tommy is 5, even he has a page, go see it.

This is the latest school photo for Charlie, Emma and Tommy.


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What's New?

Family holiday to Disneyland Florida then cruising to Virgin Islands and Bahamas.

Pictures will be uploaded and displayed soon.

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